rePRESENT EP (Remixes)

1. Womb (Mojave Remix)
2. Pigs and Dogs (Feral Bosphorus Remix)
3. My Name Is (Romi Remix)
4. Pigs and Dogs (Deepbass Remix)
5. Dreaming Over The Ulan Buh Desert (Reinterpretation)
6. Pigs and Dogs (IORI Remix)



Unjin and Sunji (운진앤선지) – rePRESENT EP (Remixes)


Earlier this year, the duo released Present EP, which was initially inspired by the healing power of nature. Present is an exercise in minimalism, marked by repetitive rhythms and simplistic melodies intricately woven together. The subtle shifts in mood from one track to the next masterfully capture the qualities of the things which inspired them. Featuring remixes by Mojave, Feral, Romi, Deepbass, and IORI as well as the original artists themselves, rePRESENT EP by Unjin and Sunji is a reinterpretation of Present. Mojave reimagines Unjin and Sunji’s track in “Womb (Mojave Remix)” with heavy reverb and short samples over the mellow drone of the original. On “Pigs and Dogs (Feral Bosphorus Remix),” Feral adds ethereal, breathy chords over the thick percussive textures of the original track to create an airy feel. By contrast, Romi takes the lightness of “My Name Is (Romi Remix)” and grounds it with a smooth dance beat. Deepbass takes the next track in a different direction with “Pigs and Dogs (Deepbass Remix)” by accentuating the melodic ornamentations and bell tones of the original mix. Next up, Unjin and Sunji rework their own track in “Dreaming Over the Ulan Buh Desert (Reinterpretation).” The duo pares down the melodic elements, aiming for a harder, bass-heavy sound. Rounding off the EP, “Pigs and Dogs (IORI Remix)” distorts the original theme almost beyond recognition, turning the cheery tune into something bizarre and alien.



Mastering by Neel at Enisslab

Design by Wise Being

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