Walk with You

  • Artist 45
  • Release2019.10.08
  • Genre BalladJazz
  • Label45 records
  • FormatSingle
  • CountryKorea

1.  All The Things For You
2. Walk



‘Walk with U’

01. All The Things For U
02. Walk


Produced by ’45’
Composed by ’45’
Arranged by ’45’
Lyric by ’45′

Vox : 45
Drum : 배현근 (Hyun Keun Bae)
Piano : 박슬아 (Seula Park)
Guitar : 백선혁 (Seon Hyeok Baek)

Recorded at Record Factory
Recorded by 최원서 (Won Seo Choi), 정태준 (Tae Jun Chung)
Assistant Recording Engineers : 정호선 (Ho Seon Jeong), 유효봉 (Hyo Bong Ryu)

Mixed and Mastered by 정태준 (Tae Jun Chung)

Hold on. If love is the answer, you’re home.