Black Panther

  • Artist LINION
  • Release2023.07.05
  • Genre NativeR&B/Soul
  • LabelB.P. Lin Studio
  • FormatSingle
  • CountryKorea
  • 1.Black Panther


Since the release of “Holiday Only” in 2022, a lighthearted and soulful track dedicated to the post-pandemic era, LINION aims to be the happy-go-lucky guy who brings you happiness as you blissfully burst into song and dance with him.

On social media, nicknamed “LI-der (a play on ‘leader’) by his fans, LINION often chats with and shares his daily life with them. In his music, he artfully uses loose and relaxed neo-soul rhythms, turning the sounds from his fingertips into cushioning soles that help fans walk through the rough patches of life.

With each new work, LINION brings a new dimension to his audiences. From the reserved and melancholic blue hues of 2018’s Me in Dat Blue to the spirited and carefree journeys of 2020’s Leisurely, in 2023, LINION returns with the lead single “Black Panther” from his long-awaited third album. “Black Panther” is here to chase away all your insecurities!

LINION recalls a day earlier this year when he saw a chubby boy walking down the street, full of spirit and carefree. The incident reminded him of how he used to be, chubby but confident and not bothered by what was considered the perfect image. So, he wrote this song as a revelation, letting the forgiving power of music isolate the world’s gaze and strip away the armor we have accumulated over the years.

“Black Panther” has no direct connection to the Marvel superhero movie. The song title was inspired by the spirit animal in LINION’s heart, the “black panther.” LINION believes the black panther is not necessarily as fierce and aloof as everyone thinks but more like a big cat who likes to cuddle and quietly stays by our side. With a single jump, the feline can disappear without a trace, its light footsteps taking away all our unhappiness, just like this song.

“Black Panther” was produced by Golden Melody Award-nominated musician Wei-Yu Chung and co-arranged by LINION and keyboardist Shao Yu. The rhythm section not only featured percussion by good friend and Best New Artist-nominee L8ching, but LINION also invited his former Musicians Institute classmate Bianca Richardson. Richardson is a talented drummer with over 100,000 followers on Instagram and has worked with top musicians such as Marcus Miller, H.E.R., and Moonchild. Her confident and soulful drumming is the indestructible Vibranium core of “Black Panther.”