Blurry But Beautiful

  • Artist R01 Parlour
  • Release2023.11.28
  • Genre AlternativeElectronicJazz
  • LabelR01 Parlour
  • FormatAlbum
  • CountryKorea
  • 1.SJ’s Walk
  • 2.SeaSaw
  • 3.Analog Meetcute
  • 4.Bamboo Forest
  • 5.Sunshower
  • 6.Casual Sorrow
  • 7.Blurry But Beautiful
  • 8.False Exit


우연히 소리들을 찾기 시작하였고 모든 질감과 소리에는 캐릭터가 있었으며, 그에 영감을 받아 곡을 만드는 과정은 너무나 자연스러웠다.

최소한의 사운드만 담지만, 깊이 있는 느낌으로 만들어졌으며 대부분 잼에서 시작된 이영우와 송준호의 첫 듀오 공동 프로젝트이다.


“Collection of happy accidental discoveries of sounds”


Youngwoo and Junho song has shared over 10 years in friendship but stumbled upon making a duo project for the first time.


Every sound led to another and every process was organic.

They wanted to capture minimal sounds but wanted be to left with a deep feeling.


This is a sum of their jam orchestrated.





[Blurry but Beautiful]


All compositions written and produced by R01 Parlour [Youngwoo Lee & Hayane]

Engineered by Youngwoo Lee

Mixed by Youngwoo Lee

Mastered by Matthew McQueen

Artwork by Hayane (Junho Song)


All instrumental performance by Youngwoo Lee and Hayane (Junho Song)


Additional performance

Guitar by Sangjun Ahn [Track1,2]

Bass by Jaeshin Park [Track7]