• Artist 01SYNTH
  • Release2022.06.30
  • Genre Electronic
  • Label01SYNTH
  • FormatSingle
  • CountryKorea
  • 1.Equilibrium
  • 2.Equilibrium (Acoustic Mix)


01SYNTH “Equilibrium”


01SYNTH’s summer digital single album “Equilibrium” contains two songs:
the ‘Electronic House’ version of the dreamy Pluck sound with an early summer atmosphere,
and the ‘Acoustic Version’ with the same theme, composed with a beautiful piano melody.
초여름 느낌의 몽환적인 플럭 사운드의 일렉트로닉 하우스와 함께
같은 주제로 쓰여진 어쿠스틱 버전의 음악이 담긴
01SYNTH의 여름 디지털 싱글 앨범.


1. Equilibrium (Original Mix)
2. Equilibrium (Acoustic Mix)


Composed by 01SYNTH
Produced by 01SYNTH
Mixed by 01SYNTH
Mastered by 01SYNTH, SHOUTA
Artwork by Petra Machaňová
Distributor POCLANOS