• Artist Eumin
  • Release2022.06.09
  • Genre PopAcoustic/Folk
  • LabelSpectrum DreamZ (SDZ)
  • FormatSingle
  • CountryKorea
  • 1.Come On In
  • 2.I'll Get To Know
  • 3.To My Lonely Dear
  • 4.Come Over (feat. RYU)
  • 5.Graduate
  • 6.Come Over - Voice Memo


이 앨범은 저의 청소년기를 담아낸 미니 앨범 데뷔작입니다.

후회는 항상 존재하고, 그리고 그것에는 전혀 문제가 없습니다. 다만 그 후회에 둘러싸여 쓸데없는 생각으로 지금을 놓치지만 않으면 된다고 생각합니다.

뜻밖의 상황에서 배움을 얻고, 그 과정에서 더욱성장하는 제 자신을 이 앪범에 최대한 담아내었습니다.

좋게 들어주시면 감사하겠습니다!  🙂

This debut mini album of mine photographed my youth.

Regret is a constant matter that we have to deal with every day, and I believe that there is no positives in dwelling on regrets.

I think we can’t afford to lose our present just because of regretting things.

I hope you guys enjoy my album!

Thank you!  🙂




Performed by Eumin

Executive Producer NomadV

Directed by NomadV

Arranged by Eumin


1.Come On In

Composed by Eumin

Arranged by Eumin

Produced by Eumin


2.I’ll Get To Know

Lyrics by Eumin

Composed by Eumin

Arranged by Eumin

Vocal Arrangements by Abigail Ryu

Produced by Eumin

Guitar solo performed by 나민성

Background vocals by Abigail Ryu


3.To My Lonely Dear

Lyrics by Eumin

Composed by Eumin

Arranged by Eumin & NomadV

Produced by NomadV


4.Come Over (feat. RYU)

Lyrics by Eumin & RYU

Composed by Eumin, Minki, RYU & NomadV

Arranged by Eumin & NomadV

Produced by Eumin & NomadV



Lyrics by Eumin & NomadV

Composed by Eumin. Minki, NomadV

Vocal Arrangements by Minki & Eumin

Produced by Eumin & NomadV


6.Come Over – Voice memo

Performed by Eumin & Abigail Ryu


All song recorded, mixed, mastered @ Spectrum DreamZ (SDZ) studio by NomadV

Song 2 & 5 guitar solo recorded @ Eumin home studio

Backing Vocals for song 2 & 6 recorded @ Eumin home studio


Special thanks to Abigail Ryu & 나민성 for amazing performance


Music Video by John Kim & Joshua Huh

Album art by Onme