Good Luck In The Making

  • Artist Frankly Speaking
  • Release2023.11.15
  • Genre Hip HopNativeR&B/Soul
  • FormatAlbum
  • CountryKorea
  • 1.THIS IS NOT (an intro)
  • 2.The Interview
  • 3.Spinnin' Coin
  • 4.Brave New World
  • 5.The Crowd
  • 6.Stairway to Heaven
  • 7.the window
  • 8.Whisper of the Wind (an interlude)
  • 9.How bout we go with the flow
  • 10.Waiting for the Breeze
  • 11.I'll be OK
  • 12.Good Luck In The Making
  • 13.timeout...


“Good Luck In the Making (好运设计)”, the album title, draws inspiration from the eponymous essay by contemporary Chinese novelist Shi Tiesheng (史铁生). In this essay, Mr. Shi conveys three simple values about the meaning of life through his writing: 1) There is no such thing as “good luck that can be designed” by humans. 2) In the face of death, all living beings are equal, and individual luck, no matter how high or low, ultimately reduces to zero. 3) The value of life lies in the process of making— cherishing the process itself is the best “design for good luck.”


This full-length creative album is not only a comprehensive showcase of the musical creativity built on this life philosophy but also a sincere record of a new stage in the artist’s life.


Four years after graduated from New York University, which also marks the third year of his independent music career, 饭卡 made a series of potentially life-changing decisions. One of the most significant one was to make a full album from scratch, with a completely independent identity and an indie mindset. Half was serendipity, half was perseverance, and here we are with the “Good Luck In the Making ” today.


In addition to writing all 13 songs and taking full responsibility of the production process, 饭卡 has also managed to build an All-Star roster for the album, featuring guest artist and producers including: 鱼翅fin, SIENA, 莉莉童(LIJIN), 白鲨JAWS, Willim, 白天不亮(Gavintoo), 也是福(EddieBeatz), JZlee, 叶凡Danni.


Drawing various influences from hip-hop, R&B, Lo-fi, electronic, jazz, and world music, 饭卡 has given this album a refreshing yet naturally cohesive listening experience with his excellent musicality and solid lyrical expression.