Happy Prince

  • 1.Happy Prince (feat. YILE LIN)
  • 2.Ocean in the night - Orchestra ver. (feat. Hom Shenhao, Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra)


01 快樂王子 Happy Prince (feat. YILE LIN 林以樂)


Where are the people in the square

Did they all disappeared


There’s a little boy standing by the corner

Poor guitar on his back

looked so dark but also shine

Like a star across the sky, sky…


Jimi Hendrix used to be his idol

Blew his mind like a storm

Sentimental feels played back from the radio

”Happy Prince” that’s my name (he said)

Noisy morning , noisy tone (he played )

quiet night , quiet soul

Happy prince are you listening


Can you hear all of the universe

Come back my happy prince

Come back my happy prince


You’ve been crying all night just because can’t have the moon

your pocket is so full a bunch of money in there

It doesn’t matter

if you can’t speak my language

You’ll never know me

because I try so hard to hide

Hiding my background, my childhood

My passion, my sorrow

Selfishness and ego

I can’t be you, I left you

Please …


Come back my happy prince

Come back my happy prince

Come back


Swallows move in the opposite direction

of winter, summer, and fall then spring will come

Something I can’t say to you blowing in the wind

It’s just a matter of time

stay right here

You are the happy prince


02 夜洋風景 Ocean in the night – Orchestra ver. (feat. 洪申豪、高雄市管樂團)


月光 籠罩這片海洋


飄蕩 隨著水銀波浪




遺忘 遺忘




遺忘 遺忘