• Artist LINION
  • Release2023.07.19
  • Genre NativeR&B/Soul
  • LabelB.P. Lin Studio
  • FormatAlbum
  • CountryKorea
  • 1.Listen to Me
  • 2.Black Panther
  • 3.HIDE
  • 4.Red Date
  • 5.R U Ready
  • 6.The Shadow
  • 7.Friends Or ?
  • 8.Goodbye


No matter how big the world is, I just want a place to belong.

When you can’t put things into words, let this be your song.


·Reconcile with your past self. HIDEOUT is where you can safeguard your secrets.

·It is not a sin for men to be gentle and vulnerable. Through folk R&B, LINION makes all the hidden stories worth cherishing.


“That morning, the weather was beautiful. I was riding my bicycle on the way to the beach, listening to the songs from HIDEOUT.


I enjoy being in motion while being accompanied by my songs and vibing to them. The next thing I knew, tears started to well up unconsciously. I burst out crying and couldn’t stop. At least I had my sunglasses on, so no one would notice.


I recalled my younger self, lacking confidence, thinking I needed to change to be liked, and believing things would get better as I grew up. But I was never satisfied, constantly forgetting to accept myself in the present moment. There was a period when I felt so down that even songwriting became painful. I was easily influenced by people around me, and in turn, I affected those around me.


That day, while listening to this new album, I suddenly realized that sometimes you don’t necessarily need others to understand or comfort you. My songs had already released my vulnerabilities. It’s okay to be imperfect. It’s okay if there are things I can’t put into words. I no longer mind being afraid or fearful. After singing them out, I felt relieved.


My thoughts came to an end, and my bicycle reached the seaside. I walked towards the spot closest to the sea and continued my walk alone.”

—LINION (2023/06/29)


LINION initially set out to create an album about walking and dedicate it to the significant women in his life. As he delved, he unexpectedly entered the dark void of his heart, discovering the uneasiness behind his carefree demeanor and the brokenness he had never reconciled with. Far away from the city, during a snorkeling getaway on Orchid Island, where he encountered a passing sea snake, LINION embraced the thrilling cleanse of nature, washing away the barriers in his heart. Inspired and overflowing with creativity, he decided to openly confront and embrace his sensitive and vulnerable side as a man and transform them into captivating music for his new work.


From the reserved and melancholic blue hues of 2018’s debut album Me in Dat Blue to the spirited and carefree journeys of 2020’s sophomore Leisurely, the third album HIDEOUT encapsulates LINION’s journey of seeking inner peace over the past three years. Through the album, he wants to narrate these stories with the rhythmic pace of walking. Opening the album with “Listen to Me,” the listeners’ auditory senses are engaged and continue until the gentle farewell of the final track, “Goodbye.” The music flows leisurely, and the vocals are smooth and warm. It is not a venting of grievances but a casual face-to-face conversation with listeners by the dimming coastline during sunset or on a bench at a street corner in the city. LINION uses music to create a space that aims to be a hideout and a healing house, accompanying listeners quietly through their confusion and sorrows.


HIDEOUT also takes listeners into LINION’s secret realm for a heart-tugging visit. From a candid and vulnerable perspective, LINION reflects on various relationships around him. When it comes to love, it is both an intimate companionship and a perplexing puzzle (tracks: “The Shadow” and “Friends or?”). Regarding the body, he grapples with weight anxieties stemming from adolescence (tracks: “Black Panther” and “R U Ready”). On family, he realized that male bravado is ultimately just immense vulnerability (track: “HIDE”).


LINION’s lyrics and music have always warmly embraced the audience. The underlying tone of HIDEOUT still embodies the spontaneity of a 26-year-old young man, but now with an increasing sense of self-reflection and maturity. At times, his vulnerability is heart-wrenching, while at other times, he exudes pure playfulness. He confronts himself, allowing the hidden aspects to no longer hide and the deep secrets to be worthy of being cherished. Perhaps, within this album, the innermost secrets of listeners can find solace too.


For the music production, LINION collaborated again with sought-after producer Wei-Yu Chung, who also worked on Leisurely, which won the 12th Golden Indie Music Awards for Best R&B Album. LINION also invited Best New Artist winner Pei-Yu Hung to collaborate on the love song “Friends or?.” Other talented musicians involved in the arrangement and recording include Golden Melody Awards nominees Howe, Everydaze, L8ching, AC, and US-based drummer Bianca Richardson. Their contributions round out the eight solid new tracks in HIDEOUT.