i miss you

  • Artist 로쿠 (roku)
  • Release2020.12.04
  • Genre Pop
  • Label6.0
  • FormatSingle
  • CountryKorea

1. hamburger
2. i miss you 



roku [i miss you]

난 모든 것이 두려워, 너 없는 모든 것이 다


Music and Words by roku

Arranged by roku, 현서울, 류하 (track 1)
Bass and Programming by 현서울 @hnsl_gyuhyeon
Guitar by 류하 @ryuha.summer (track 2), 현서울 (track 1)

Mixed and Recorded by 현서울 @hnsl_gyuhyeon
Mastered by 박정언 @허니버터 스튜디오 (Honey Butter Studio)

Artwork by 박혜림 @whoinspiredu

Producer and Director – Amu @somethingintheamu
Assist – 박혜림 @whoinspiredu, 조서희 @west__0429

Published by POCLANOS