In Love

  • Artist Hollyway
  • Release2024-02-23
  • Genre Rockindie
  • Formatsingle
  • CountryKorea
  • 1.In Love


I’m in love


[ Music Credits ]


Lyrics by Hollyway

Composed by Hollyway, 김대현, 노피날레(nofinale)

Arranged by Hollyway, 김대현

Guitar performed by Hollyway, 김대현, 심욱현

Drum performed by Hollyway

Bass performed by Hollyway

Synthesizer performed by Hollyway

Background Vocal by Hollyway, 노피날레(nofinale)

Mixed by Rohin.H @277 SOUND

Mastered by Rohin.H @277 SOUND


[ Visual Work Credit ]


Creative Director | Hollyway

Content Director | Yoojin Seo of @adoreproject

Album Photo | TEAM HOLLYWAY, Yoojin Seo, San Kang

Video Director | Hyunyoung Jung

AD | Jaeyoon Shin

PD | Yoojin Seo of @adoreproject

DOP | Hyunyoung Jung

Art Director | Jaeyoon Shin

Data Manager | Wonpyo Hwang

D.I | Jinsoo Choi

Illustrate | TEAM HOLLYWAY