Msounds (Deluxe)

  • Artist KnowKnow
  • Release2024-05-07
  • Genre Hip Hop
  • FormatFull
  • CountryKorea
  • 2.POP TARTS (PROD. ATM Hanson) (feat. J.Mag)
  • 3.WHO'S THAT (PROD. Polobear) (feat. 謝帝, Melo, AnsrJ, 邓典果DDG)
  • 4.MOONLIGHT (到底是哪个) (PROD. Reuel Beats) (feat. Udiggwhatiamsayin)
  • 6.RIGHT NOW (PROD. DAGOTTHATDOPE) (feat. 艾志恒Asen)
  • 7.LEAVE ME ALONE (PROD. Polobear) (feat. Lil Mosey)
  • 8.SADNESS (PROD. Goldenboi) (feat. Dove鸽子, LeeHX李鸿翔)
  • 9.EMIRATES AIRLINES (阿联酋航空) (PROD. TQ) (feat. KKECHO)
  • 10.MSPACE (PROD. HoLy)
  • 11.PUSH (PROD. REDBOI & Weiqiu 维邱) (feat. 雾明)
  • 12.MESS AROUND (捣乱) (PROD. Slimboy)
  • 13.ICBC (PROD. Polobear) (feat. KITO)
  • 14.BADBOY FREESTYLE (PROD. ATM Hanson) (feat. J.Mag, TSP安琪, KITO)
  • 15.TOUGH (心狠手辣) (PROD. Polpi 波尔皮) (feat. 國蛋)
  • 16.MIDNIGHT RIDE (午夜快车) (PROD. Siyao Fu) (feat. Thomeboydontkill)
  • 17.JIANBING (煎饼) (PROD. Polobear)
  • 18.JDM (PROD. Polpi 波尔皮) (feat. 登真尼珍)
  • 19.BAD SINGER (难听) (PROD. Visudy) (feat. 罗言)
  • 20.RIGHT NOW (PROD. Visudy) (feat. 艾志恒Asen)


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to MSounds. Today, our host KnowKnow will bring you his brand new Mixtape – “Msounds (Deluxe)”, which will continue to spread MR. ENJOY DA MONEY’s energy wave – “Enjoy Yourself, Enjoy the Moment”. The world is changing relentlessly and life is complicated, but whenever and whatever happens, please remember the unique philosophy of KnowKnow – ENJOY 「M」Y LIFE!ENJOY 「M」Y TIME!ENJOY 「M」Y SOUNDS!


The opening track of “Msounds (Deluxe)” samples from the soundtrack composed by Shiro Sagisu for the classic anime “EVA”. The familiar rhythm of the timpani pushes the tension of the mixtape to its apex. Multiple genres including TRAP, BOOMBAP, RNB, AFRO are like lightning bolts that strike your eardrums, putting KnowKnow’s solid musical creativity into full play.


“Msounds (Deluxe)” brings together top rappers and producers from all over the world, like the Grammy producer DAGOTDADOPE, the new generation rapper Lil Mosey from the States, and the Sudan rapper J.Mag who is popular in China. There is also a star-studded lineup of Chinese rappers, from the well-known Bo$$ X, Melo, AnsrJ, DengDianGuo DDG, Asen, TSP, GorDoN, thomeboydontkill, Yan Luo, to the new stars like Udiggwhatiamsayin, Dove, LeeHX, KKECHO, WUMING, Slimboy, KITO, and Dengzhen Nizhen.


Being able to both creating the hits and explore the new wave, KnowKnow, with his recognizable vocals and ability to play with different genres, has brought these artists together into his own fabulous “M-Space” .


Since releasing his debut solo album in 2019, KnowKnow has continued to invest enthusiasm and focus in his music, steadily producing one full-length work per year. With “Msounds (Deluxe)” , he wants to show his new stage with everyone, sharing the belief that everyone can unload their burdens here and take a breath in the busy life, just as he wants to say through this mixtape: