• Artist ALOH
  • Release2022.01.07
  • Genre Electronic
  • Labelbabacake
  • FormatSingle
  • CountryKorea
  • 1.Numb (Feat. Yellboy)


do you know this feeling?


it feels like I’m the only one far away,
and no matter how much I take a step forward,
I feel like I can’t get out of this gloaming forever
the darkness will be never ending
I won’t be able to feel anything forever
I’m trapped in the universe I created
this is my destiny


you will dance with my shadow
I will sing my silent song


feel so numb




moua, envy the moon


Lyrics by moua, Yellboy, Wildberry
Composed by moua, Yellboy
Arranged by envy the moon, Aon, Wildberry


Vocal by moua, Yellboy
Synths by envy the moon
Guitar by envy the moon
Bass by envy the moon
Drums by envy the moon
Chorus by moua, Yellboy


Vocal Recorded by
Wildberry, Yellboy


Instrument Recorded by
envy the moon


Mixed and Mastered by
envy the moon


Cover Artwork by
L’ENFANT @lenfant_


Published by POCLANOS