• Artist 백승환
  • Release2023.07.27
  • Genre AlternativePopRock
  • LabelPaiik + Places
  • FormatSingle
  • CountryKorea
  • 1.Run!


백승환 [Run!]


느리게 가더라도 멈추지 않기를. 달릴 수 있으면 더 좋고!






Produced by 백승환

Composition, lyrics, arrangement by 백승환


Vocals 백승환

Keyboard, Synth 백승환

MIDI Programming 백승환

Guitar 정원준

Bass 변영성

Drums 김준호


Vocals recorded by 은강인

Vocals edited by 임우석


Mixed by 은강인

Mastered by 권남우 at 821 Sound


Album Photography by 박현성, 강경모 of Poles studio


Special thanks to my one and only brother 백승원