• Artist 윈드앤웨이브
  • Release2020.10.16
  • Genre Ambient
  • LabelWind&Wave
  • FormatAlbum
  • CountryKorea

1. underneath
2. eventide
3. stillness
4. lake indigo
5. internal waves
6. light and shade
7. solitude 
8. sinking
9. invisible lines
10. balancing




혼자가 되었을 때,
내면의 소리.

자그마한 파동에서 시작되어
하나의 선율이 되기까지

고독의 시간을 모아서.

There’s a sound
when you truly become alone.

Starts from the tiny ripples
collecting time in solitude
until it becomes a melody.


Produced by 윈드앤웨이브
Composed by 윈드앤웨이브
Piano by 윈드앤웨이브
Mix and Master by 정원준, 윈드앤웨이브
Album Artwork by 강미승

Produced by Wind&Wave
Composed by Wind&Wave
Piano by Wind&Wave
Mix and Master by Wonjun Jung, Wind&Wave

Album Artwork by Miseung Kang