Tears in Water (a tucu saqemauqaung aken)

  • Artist LINION
  • Release2024-05-13
  • Genre PopR&B/Soul
  • LabelB.P. Lin Studio (嘿黑豹工作室)
  • Formatsingle
  • CountryKorea
  • 1.Tears in Water (a tucu saqemauqaung aken)


The phrase “a tucu saqemauqaung aken” is Paiwanese, meaning “I want to cry now.”


LINION, interpreting from a male perspective, often finds it challenging for “straight guys” to express their desire to cry. Due to male pride, they may suppress their emotions. Through collaboration with Paiwanese female singer Kivi, LINION boldly challenges this societal norm by incorporating the Paiwanese phrase “a tucu saqemauqaung aken” into the song. This

allows him to express and scream the emotions of wanting to cry, without suppressing them due to concerns about masculinity. While initially sorrowful, the crucial aspect is the sense of relief and joy that follows after expressing emotions through screams, filling the void left behind.

Kivi, from the girl group “Nanguaq” emerged as a dark horse at the 34th Golden Melody Awards. With her debut album “Padiyudr,” she garnered nominations for “Best Indigenous Language Singer,” “Best Indigenous Language Album,” and “Album of the Year.” Her clear and soulful voice flows effortlessly, akin to water slowly wearing down stone, bringing healing and release to listeners. LINION, whose soul animal revealed in his third album “HIDEOUT” is the “black panther,” metaphorically wandered into Kivi’s tribe with hidden wounds, expecting to intimidate her with his tough exterior. However, he is met with Kivi’s gentle and inclusive treatment, which embraces and soothes his soul. Like being enveloped by vast waters, he can freely cry out and scream his emotions in this safe environment, akin to making sounds in the sea, not heard by many, while letting tears flow freely, pouring into the vast ocean. Through the song title “Tears in Water,” LINION aims to share this story with all listeners who want to cry but cannot, encouraging them to boldly express “a tucu saqemauqaung aken” and release their souls.

This song, infused with LINION’s signature Neo-Soul style and bass instrumentals, is filled with groovy rhythms and Gospel vocal arrangements. It flows naturally in a laid-back space, resonating with the warmth and texture of his voice. Combined with Kivi’s clear, soulful, and healing vocals, the song is perfected, inducing an unconscious sway to its rhythm, where one finds themselves moving along naturally, without conscious thought.


Singer, bassist, and music producer LINION, following the positive reception of his second album “Leisurely,” has once again enlisted the talents of internationally renowned drummer Efa Etoroma, Jr. for recording drums. Efa is a frequent collaborator with many international R&B Neo-Soul musicians such as Moonchild, Kiefer, Jeff Bernat, and J3PO for live performances. Additionally, LINION has partnered with the emerging prodigy producer and keyboardist Edelyn for the recording production. Proficient in Jazz, Neo-Soul, and Hip Hop, Edelyn has swiftly elevated the song’s sonic landscape to a more lavish and nuanced level within a short timeframe. As the saying goes, “be water my friend.”