The Continuation of Rhymes (押韻的繼續)

  • Artist TriPoets (參劈)
  • Release2021.12.15
  • Genre Hip Hop
  • LabelMy Honey Listen to Music., Ltd. (StreetVoice)
  • FormatFull
  • CountryKorea
  • 1.Magic Number 3 (魔術數字參)
  • 2.Hungry for Beats & Rhymes (餓吃節奏押韻)
  • 3.I Got
  • 4.Running Outta Time (趕)
  • 5.Champ (冠軍)
  • 6.Academics (學院派)
  • 7.Hip Hop Theme Park (嘻哈遊樂園)
  • 8.Human Experiment 2 (人體實驗2)
  • 9.2099
  • 10.Outro

The Penrose Triangle is a nonexistent object in reality, the shape of which signifies a circular flow of energy that never ends. As the longest operating rap group in Taiwan, TriPoets is virtually a Penrose Triangle: nonexistent during most of the time, but has an everlasting energy fed off of a camaraderie over 20 years, love for the art and culture, and attention to the craft of rhyming by the three band members, DJ Sugarrr, Ill Mo, and Teacher Lin. In 2021, this energy has finally materialized into their sophomore album “The Continuation of Rhymes”, 13 years after their debut work “The Beginning of Rhymes”. While channeling the spirit of old school golden era rap music, they also situate themselves within the contemporary tides of Hip-Hop, experimenting with different styles from academic, nostalgic, to futuristic. But no matter what kind of style they may appear in, the poetics of rhymes will always carry on.