The Maiden’s Requital

  • Artist Last Benevolence
  • Release2022.04.08
  • Genre Hip Hop
  • LabelStyle n love
  • FormatAlbum
  • CountryKorea
  • 1.From Her Perspective
  • 2.Filling In The blanks
  • 3.Tryst Interstellar
  • 4.Depths Cognitive
  • 5.Not Personal
  • 6.Unconscious Hopeful
  • 7.To Grace The Sky
  • 8.Through Nostalgic Lanes
  • 9.Adept Practice
  • 10.Moments Inbetween
  • 11.The Moons Until We Embraced
  • 12.Reprogram Language
  • 13.Thoughtful Approach
  • 14.Epilogue Ave.


2013년 발표된 The Unrequited Bard and The Maiden he Admired From Distance”의 속편인 “The Maiden’s Requital” 이 약 10년이라는 시간속에 빚어지게 되었습니다.


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