The walk

  • Artist 윈드앤웨이브
  • Release2020.06.16
  • Genre Jazz
  • LabelWind&Wave
  • FormatAlbum
  • CountryKorea

1. Riverside
2. Seashore
3. Busride 
4. Green lake
5. Come snow
6. One evening
7. The night and the music



<The walk>

오늘도 우리는 걷는다.

도시를, 자연을.

맑은 날을, 흐린 날을.

계절 속을 걷기도 한다.

어느새 걷다가 보면

내면의 감정을 따라 걷는다.

그 순간을 느끼며.

We walk everyday
through cities, among nature,
rain or shine,
alongside the seasons.

As we walk,
we find our inner sentiment
feeling the exact moment.


Composed & Arranged by 윈드앤웨이브
Piano by 윈드앤웨이브
Guitar by 정원준(track 2, 4)
Mixing and Mastering by 고요한

Composed by Wind&Wave
Piano by Wind&Wave
Guitar by Wonjun Jung(track 2, 4)
Mixing and Mastering by Ko Yohan